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Welcome to Blingbird, a new- age luxury travel brand that proposes to bring to all privileged travellers a whole new meaning to travel and give them an opportunity to ‘Invest in experience’. We love to curate a destination with a rather unconventional approach, and work exclusively to provide experiential journeys to exclusive destinations in the world. We serve only those discerning enthusiasts, who love to explore a destination as a whole with the best of the experiences, exclusive itineraries, away from the ordinary in the market.

Hand-crafted Group Journeys

Luxury Small Group Experiences | Experiential Learning Programs | Travel for Passion

We take pride in executing few of our special - Luxury Small Group Journeys round the year based on specific interests, curiosity, learning & Cause to explore a chosen destination. These journeys are privately held along with like-minded curated guests to bring an unforgettable experience.

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Luxury Small Group Experiences

Experiential Retreat to Iberian Peninsula

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Luxury Small Group Experiences

Inquisitive above 50 - Wellness Retreat

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Luxury Small Group Experiences

Northern Light

Tailor made Experiences

Celebrating your Life's Milestones in Style

As we create unique itineraries for a growing group of discerning travelers who have more on their mind when it comes to experiencing the destinations, they would love to celebrate their milestones also a bit more creatively to unique locations in the world.

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